There are several things to consider when ordering a CD or DVD for duplication in-house. They are as follows:

  • Quantity - How many discs do you need? We are able to duplicate up to 200 CD's. If you need more than 200 CD's, you will need to go through the Government Printing Office (GPO). Please contact Linda Morton with questions regarding GPO.

  • Timeframe - How soon do you need the discs? Please provide us with your master disc and associated material at least two weeks prior to needing the duplications.

  • Materials - Do you have all the necessary materials in hand for your job? We don't stock blank discs, jewel cases or ink for the CD duplicator's printer, so you will need to provide those for us. Please have these items sent to Chris Roe or Tim Ford at the Morgantown NETL site.

  • CD Artwork - Do you have CD artwork for your disc? If you have artwork for your CD, we will need it sent to us as a digital file. If you do not have artwork for your CD, please contact Chris Roe in Graphics. Our CD duplicator can print directly on the discs, or if you prefer we can have CD labels printed.

  • CD Inserts - Does your disc require CD inserts? If you have artwork for CD inserts please provide them to Chris Roe. If you do not have inserts for your CD (they are not required), please contact Chris Roe in Graphics.

    For any artwork, please be sure to send us 300 DPI digital files (do not send Word or PowerPoint files), and follow the NETL graphic standards, which are explained in this pdf document.

Materials You Need to Provide Us

  • Blank CD's or DVD's
  • Ink Cartridges (if printing directly on the disc)
  • CD Labels (if not printing directly on the disc)
  • Paper Sleeves or Jewel Cases

Blank CD's or DVD's

With Artwork Printed Directly on the Disc:

Without Artwork Printed Directly on the Disc:

  • Any name brand CD-R

  • DO NOT order CDRW discs

  • If you want a CD label applied to your disc, you will need to provide graphics with the CD labels. We
    recommend Fellowes NEATO® CD/DVD Labels - view on CDW's website

Ink Cartridges

Jewel Cases

  • Paper Sleeves (preferred) - Paper sleeves have a clear circular window in the front and a flap in the back. Paper sleeves are preferred for in-house jobs as they are the easiest to work with for both the duplicator as well as the recipient of the CD or DVD. Shipping costs are significantly less when using paper sleeves - view on CDW's website

  • Slim Line Jewel Cases - slim line jewel cases are plastic cases that can have a paper insert in the front door of the case. If your CD requires a paper insert, use the slim line cases - view on CDW's website

Where to Buy Supplies

CDW-G is a good vendor for these items. The contact below will take orders over the phone or e-mail him for a quote:

Jacob Fleischmann
Federal Account Manager
230 N. Milwaukee Ave
Vernon Hills, Il 60061
Direct Toll Free: (877) 259-5816
Direct line: (847) 968-9567
Fax: (847) 968 1567


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